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The 7 Best Student Sections In The March Madness Sweet 16

March Madness is well under way now and the first two rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament have already come and gone. The landscape of the third round of the NCAA March Madness 2013 , also known as the Sweet 16 round, is set and 16 universities in the will be taking part in it. Sixteen U.S. campuses are currently buzzing as their college basketball teams will be competing to win the highly-coveted title of NCAA Division I Champion!

Introducing Colin: OOHLALA's New Student Life Personality

Have you ever come across an individual with as many talents as friends on his Facebook profile? We have. This multi-talented individual is named Colin Edwards-Crewe! Colin sings, dances, stars in shows and concerts, uses his creative chops to make people laugh, serves his community and runs amazing personal projects. He does all of this while being a dedicated student in school and in life! Colin has recently been elected as an executive member of his college's student organization after weeks of campaigning. Kudos! He's currently working on an album that's coming out this summer with his band called ColinResponse. ColinResponse hast just released their brand new single called "She Dances in the Rain". As one YouTube commenter says: "Absolutely amazing, so much talent! Wicked fun, love it. :)". And oh yeah, he's been recently appointed OOHLALA's YouTube personality!

Some Lessons For College Students On Keeping It Irish on St. Patrick'sDay

St Patrick's day is a magical time of year. For one wonderful day, people everywhere put aside their differences for a common love of... well, drunken debauchery, mostly. It seems like anywhere you go around St. Patrick's day, particularly on college campuses, you'll see people running around with green clothes, green food, and even green beer. Everywhere, that is, except Ireland. It turns out that most of the traditions we celebrate in North America on this most Irish of days actually have very little to do with how they celebrate it in Ireland. With our help, you can have all the fun of a North American St Patrick's day with none of the ridiculous stereotypes.

First things first, we need to understand what we're doing wrong. For that, you can check out this video from Howcast that explains just how different a traditional St. Patrick's day is from what your average college student is probably used to.

Not quite as much fun as ten gallons of green beer, I know, but there are some valuable pointers in there. For one, ditch the green food coloring. I'm no expert, but I don't think that St. Patrick would care what color your food is. Besides, no true Irish person would be caught dead drinking a blonde beer on St. Patrick's day anyway. That's what Guinness is for!

CAMPUS ORGANIZATION OF THE WEEK: Undergraduate Student Government at Ohio State University

This week the Campus Organization of the Week Award goes to…Undergraduate Student Government at Ohio State University!

We chose them as our winners this week because of their awesome initiative, the Buckeye Road Trip, that they started last fall. The goal of this initiative is to provide students with a free bus services to various popular in-state destinations. It proved to be extremely popular and even had a complete waitlist during their two previous trips on Veteran’s Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend. For their third road trip they’re expanding to more than just a weekend and dropping students off at select locations for the full Spring Break week.

9 Unbelievable Facts About College Spring Break

It's that time of the year again! Spring Break is upon us.

Originally, the first official collegiate "Spring Break" in the United States occurred in 1935 at the College Swim Forum. The event allowed swim teams from universities in the Northeast to travel to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida to train for competition. By 1938, more than 300 college swimmers took part in the event! As the event gained in popularity, marketing opportunities were sensed by movie makers of Hollywood and travel agencies. The phenomenon caught fire!