Spring Fashion 101

Written by: Johny

Spring is just around the corner!

Winter is finally on its way out! Students are progressively shortening their outdoor get-ups: short skirts and heel sandals are out for the girls while guys are unearthing their best looking shades and sneakers. The campus will likely be swarming with bike riders and you will start hearing the air conditioning system blast inside the buildings. This will only mean one thing. Spring is finally here!

However, for every ying there is a yang! While all these enjoyable events will happen on campus, some students will undoubtedly jump on the occasion to ruin your daily landscape with less than stellar fashion decisions. For the occasion, we have piled up a list of 5 of the worst spring fashion trends you will notice on campus.

1) Crocs: Whenever you ask anyone about this one, the undisputed answer you get is “Shut up, they’re so comfortable”. Your answer to this should sound like: “I don’t care, they’re horrendous!”…because they are.


2) Ed Hardy Shirts: To be honest, Jersey Shore is a bit to blame for this but we can’t put 100% of the blame on 8 people. This is a subculture trend thing. Some people have called this “The Douchebag Effect”.

Oh Snap!

3) Jeggings: If you have never heard of this before, this word is a sum of “jeans” and “leggings”. We have a hard time understanding why anyone would wear simili-jeans. Stay clear of these!

4) Nerd Glasses: This has become the trendy thing in the past couple of years. They are everywhere. We are not completely against wearing good looking prescription glasses but people have started wearing non-prescription ones to look “nerdy”. If you have perfectly functioning eyes, why would you burden yourself with extra accessory to look smarter? Get back to class and actually be it.

The Nerd Look

5) Popped Collars: OK. This trend has lost popularity at an alarming rate in the past couple of years. We just want to make sure this style hits extinction status as quickly as possible.

How many do you count?

What do you think of this list? Are you for or against all of these coming trends?

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