Student Associations Agreement

Student association, club or union

You are considered as student club or student union, or student association partner (Herein referred to as “Student club”) of OOHLALA Mobile Inc. if you have signed a contract with us or registered for services for using the OOHLALA Mobile Inc. platform (Herein referred to as “OOHLALA”). Please read the agreement set forth herein and please let us know if you disagree with any of the contents.

Services to be provided by OOHLALA Mobile Inc.

OOHLALA Mobile Inc. agrees to provide the following Services (the “Services”) to Student club:

  1. The ability for student clubs on a non-exclusive basis to display the basic information such as address, phone number and directions to their location.
  2. The ability for student clubs to post up their events, guest-lists, petition forms along with other services on OOHLALA on all platforms on which the OOHLALA functions in the manner and terms set forth herein for each student club's locations designated in this Agreement or any amendment hereto.
  3. Student clubs shall be entitled to display unlimited events. However, no duplicates of the same event are allowed.
  4. The ability of student club to incorporate its own unique logos into OOHLALA.
  5. The ability of student club to request for designs of their logos, event posters etc. to OOHLALA Mobile Inc. design teams. (Note: There may be charges for these designs)
  6. Student club has sole control over each of its content and the accompanying text and to change either or all of them without prior notice to OOHLALA Mobile Inc. However, if the content is uploaded by the users (“user contents”), then the Student club needs to claim the content under their control before they can modify the contents.
  7. The ability of student club to add or delete any location.
  8. OOHLALA Mobile Inc. may provide a monthly report to the student club to enhance service and offer suggestion to improve student club performance.

Student Club Obligations

At all times during the term of this Agreement or any renewal or extension hereof, Student club shall:

  1. Designate one or more persons to act as a liaison with OOHLALA Mobile Inc. Personnel at all times. Such personnel must be authorized to make entries for the student club into OOHLALA Mobile Inc. application. Such liaison must be proficient in operating both the OOHLALA Mobile Inc. web site and application. The Student club must advise OOHLALA Mobile Inc. of its designated personnel in writing, or via email.
  2. Cooperate and follow all directions and operating instructions received from OOHLALA Mobile Inc. and abide by any rules and restrictions as laid out in this agreement.
  3. Only create and/or use content which does not contain harmful or unlawful materials which violate any application rule, regulation or law. Student club assumes the full responsibility and liability for the creation of the content on OOHLALA and acknowledges that OOHLALA Mobile Inc. does not and will not supervise such content. OOHLALA Mobile Inc. will partake in monitoring or supervising the contents directly uploaded by the users. However, once those user contents are claimed as that of a student club, its sole responsibility of the student club to supervise those contents.
  4. Acknowledge that in the event that matter is brought to OOHLALA Mobile Inc. attention, OOHLALA Mobile Inc. may remove any content posted which in its sole discretion it deems in good faith to be in violation of this agreement. OOHLALA Mobile Inc. shall immediately advise the student club of any such removal. OOHLALA Mobile Inc. shall have no obligation to the student club by reason of such removal of content. The student club shall be entitled to immediately replace the removed content with other appropriate content.
  5. Not post any content, which discriminates against any OOHLALA Mobile Inc. users on the basis of race, sex or gender preference, nationality, disability or age (unless the product by its nature is lawfully restricted to persons of a certain gender or age range) or which unlawfully restricts the persons or groups that may have the benefit of the content.

Termination by OOHLALA Mobile

OOHLALA Mobile Inc. shall have the total right to terminate this Agreement and any contracts with the Student club immediately for any of the following reasons:

  1. Student club violates any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement or any rules and regulations enacted hereafter by OOHLALA Mobile Inc. and upon notice to Student club such violation is not be cured within forty eight (48) hours after written notice to Student club.
  2. Student club engages in any misconduct which is deemed by OOHLALA Mobile Inc., in its sole discretion, to adversely affect the business or reputation of OOHLALA Mobile Inc.
  3. Student club attempts to interfere or disturb the servers or applications developed by OOHLALA Mobile Inc.