Lindsey Wilson College is a private four-year college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The 200 acre campus is located in Columbia, Kentucky.

Lindsey Wilson College

Lindsey Wilson College is a private four-year college affiliated with the United Methodist Church in an open ecumenical atmosphere. The 200 acre campus is located in Columbia, Kentucky.

Assisting Student Life and Freshman Experience

Lindsey Wilson College, located in rural Kentucky, was looking for a way to keep students engaged on campus and lower the Fall to Fall semester Attrition Rate. OHLALA worked directly with Dean Chris Schmidt and his team to reach and engage students.



Impacting Students Immediately

Dean Chris Schmidt knew that in order to lower students’ Attrition Rate over the next 12 months, they had to have an immediate impact on the incoming class. Students were exposed to the app right away as an intrinsic part of their Orientation and on-boarding process.


Encouraging the Campus Conversation

“Initially we were skeptical about the campus wall, not sure we had the resources to monitor and moderate a public arena but we soon found out that students police themselves, and the result is a positive environment where students can ask questions and get quick answers, much faster than our staff would ever be able to respond.“

- Dean Chris Schmidt, Lindsey Wilson College


Centralizing to Save Money

Lindsey Wilson College saved money by replacing multiple external services with the OOHLALA App. They centralized their emergency alert system, paper student agenda and printed orientation materials into one simple app.


Decisions Based On Real Time Data

The OOHLALA Campus Cloud dashboard allowed Lindsey Wilson College staff to see that as the semester progressed students were more interested in finding job opportunities than orientation services and campus maps. The Career Services staff at the college used this information to proactively advertise job postings on the app.


Empowering Staff to Make a Real Impact

The app gave the Lindsey Wilson College team the ability to make a real impact on students lives. They were able to see it through conversations on the campus wall and direct feedback from their students.


See what Lindsey Wilson College students are saying about the app.


Students would recommend the app to their peers.


Feels the app provides them with a voice at their institution.


Students said the app helps them get off to a good start.


Students said the app helped them learn about their campus surroundings during their first weeks of university life


Average response time for questions on the campus wall

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