I choo choo choose you

Written by: Meghan

It’s Valentine’s Day Eve and we’re decking the halls with…candy?

Without a doubt, Valentine’s - or Saint Valentine’s as purists would have it - is one of the most polarizing holidays of the year. While its practitioners point all the way back to the poet Chaucer for the celebration’s roots, skeptics claim the holiday is merely a fabrication of the powerful greeting card conglomerate.

The jury’s still out here at OOHLALA. But we want to know how you are spending Valentine’s Day. Do you have a romantic evening of fondue and John Mayer planned with your sweetheart? Will you be devouring a mountain of chocolate in front of the TV? Or maybe you’re donning an all-black outfit for an “It’s Complicated” party?

Tune in tomorrow to find out how some young folks in the nation’s capital have spent their day…

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