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NBTC 2011 Entrepreneur Competition winner!

Another exciting news, the winner of the National Business and Technology Conference competition is OOHLALA Mobile. As much as we would like to bask in glory, we also know that none of this would have been possible without your support. So a big OOHLALA hug and high-fives to all our members! Thank you for helping us be the best student life app ever!

Here is an interesting video for the NBTC entrepreneur competition:

Thou Shall not Pass! (unless you're a student)

People have been noticing new changes at OOHLALA and buzzing about them. The rumors are true and we are pretty excited to let you know that OOHLALA Mobile now requires a valid student email address to login.

We were always all about the university and college crowd and it made perfect sense to make OOHLALA an exclusive experience just for students. So rest assured that the awesomeness will continue and we are the only ones invited!

Top Free app list!

Browsing through the app store the other day, we were excited to find that OOHLALA made it to the Top 50 free app list in Lifestyle category. We want to give a Big Thank You to all our users who made all this possible (you guys are awesome!).

We are also going to be announcing some big changes to the app soon to further enhance the student and social life for our members.