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5 Ways to Benefit from Exam Season Procrastination

With exam season finally here, there's one thing college students should avoid at all cost: procrastination. Every student is affected by it every now and then! How can a student not be distracted in this day and age? This is especially true with the increasing accessibility of distractions such as smartphones and laptops.

So we ask: "Can procrastination ever be a good thing?". We think it can be! We've compiled a list of 5 ways you can benefit from procrastination and stay productive, even when you're not. When your mind goes off to Wonderland after long periods of studying, many precious hours pass by. Let's make sure those hours are spent efficiently.

1) Cook Dinner

There's nothing like having home cooked food available as soon as your stomach requires it! Unfortunately, for most students, exam season means bad eating habits and college cafeterias are not helping! Avoid snacking on cookie crumbs from last week's party and use the extra time on your hands to prepare healthy food alternatives. You'll be thankful when your belly growls endlessly. While eating take-out food sounds good, it won't help your health or your silhouette for that matter (avoid the Freshman 15)! The folks at Student Recipes have compiled a fair amount of easy-to-make recipes for students looking for a quick and healthy fix!

2) Clean Your Room

You need a 10 min study break? Find the maid in you and make a difference in your dorm room. Exam season is the preferred period among college students to start neglecting their living area. Find your vacuum and get to work!

3) Go Out and Exercise

After a couple of hours under duress, your brain will certainly benefit from a good shot of oxygen. Emotional stress during exams makes the human body produce adrenaline and other adrenaline-related hormones that require oxygen to be synthesized. Go out and breathe some fresh air! Create a route on campus using your university's interactive campus map on OOHLALA. Once your route is set, lace up your sneaks and head out for a 20-minute run around campus. You can re-use the same route whenever the procrastination itch comes back.

4) Be Productive On Social Networks

Social networks are the ultimate time sinks! They're so evil that some students even decide to shut them off completely during exam period. Everyone can relate with these poor students. Social media is meant to be engaging and addictive! Have you ever thought of using social media to enhance your studying effectiveness instead of straining it?

Download OOHLALA and try it out! Insert your exam dates and assignment due dates in your Social Schedule on the app to stay on top of everything school-related! You can even check your friends' availabilities to know when they're free to study or to hang out for lunch!

5) Plan Your Summer

If this isn't already done, you should start organizing your post-exam schedule! Start applying for summer jobs and internships as soon as possible. Most colleges have job board where students are encouraged to leave their candidacies. Build a flawless resume and apply for those open spots. If you don't plan on breaking a sweat this summer, then start organizing your vacation! Find a destination, book a flight and prepare for travelling adventures!

You should avoid procrastination at all cost but when it comes to haunt you, spend your time wisely! You will not regret that decision.

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