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How Should You Spend Your Summer As A College Student

As a college student, I remember praying for summer to come. It never came quickly enough for me. When it was finally here however, I recall always being caught off guard! I wasn't sure what to do of all the free time. Have you ever been in that situation?

Whether you plan on working all summer, taking summer classes, travelling, partying or all of the above, there will be many factors to consider. Depending on your academic progress in the program you're enrolled in, you'll probably feel the pressure to accomplish different goals.

As a freshman student, you probably won't feel the urgency to further your career quite yet. While it's still encouraged to think "career", you can spend the summer working on personal projects, launching your startup ideas, earning money or travelling around the globe. As a sophomore/junior student, you should try gaining experience in your field of study. Look for an internship or a summer job that will serve your career purpose. Write a killer CV, look for opportunities on your college's job board or online and start applying! At the end of your senior year, you will finally enter the real world! Use the time to improve yourself and to get ready to start your post-college life (in the case you don't plan postgraduate studies).

In the following infographic provided by Bachelors Degree Online, there are 7 goals that should influence how you will spend your summer: earning money, getting ahead academically, building skill sets, gaining experience in your field, getting a job after graduation, volunteering and traveling.

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