Frequently asked questions

Why are you building this app?

We are developing this app to connect students and student unions across the country. Our aim is to allow all fellow students in Canada to be able to communicate with each other and get great deals (because we deserve it!). At the same time we want student unions to use cool technologies to engage students — while being economical and eco-friendly!

How do I use OOHLALA to send events to my Facebook or Twitter page?

After you create an event, you will get the option to push that event to your Twitter and Facebook pages. Events sent to Facebook display as regular Facebook events with an image (if uploaded) and relevant information.

What's your stance on privacy?

We always respect and protect your privacy. Unlike other student union apps that sell your personal information for advertising, data collected is usually in an aggregate manner and will never include your name.

Does the app display ad banners?

No. Our app is spam-free and will always be kept that way. The only interaction students will have with advertisers is when they provide an exclusive deal or promotion to the students. We believe that instead of spam, merchants should provide us something of value if they wish to gain our loyalty.

How do you guys make money?

We generate revenues by working with brands and merchants to provide you with awesome deals, and by providing premium features for student associations.

I have heard that you guys are introducing gaming?

Yes we are! Pretty soon you will be able to reward students with badges and cool content for showing up to your events and being active on campus.

I have a small feature request for my student union, can I ask you guys to make it?

Absolutely! The only reason we exist is to make student life more awesome. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any requests and we will do our best to fulfill it.

Wow! How are you guys so awesome?

Because we are students too ;)