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The most comprehensive mobile platform for your campus

Connecting your students to their campus through mobile technology

Be where the students are

75 %

of students say that technology helps them achieve their academic outcomes

82 %

of students use smartphones to access academic services and information

66 %

of students expect to access course websites or syllabi from a mobile device

An app that represents your campus

The result of integrating your logo, events, campus maps, and courses is a customized experience catered precisely to your school. This allows students to immediately access campus specific information such as events, campus services or campus maps on the go.

Easily customize your app with our control panel

Using the control panel you will be able to customize your app's content and create new content such as events, virtual tours, and deals. Get a deeper understanding of student engagement on your campus through our detailed analytics dashboard.

Connecting students to your campus through their mobile devices

Students connect to students through the campus wall and timetable sharing; Students connect to administrators and staff through the campus directory; and students connect to campus life through the club event listings. Allowing students to synthesize what is currently a fragmented set of information into one source for all their campus needs.

Imagine a campus tool that is both resourceful and fun

We provide a range of features that will help transition students to life on campus, connect them with academic resources, and support their academic progress, while increasing engagement through interactive mobile games and activities !


Improve attendance by making all of your events easily accessible to students on the go. Our interactive event calendar is an engaging way to build buzz around campus activities and keep your students informed.

Academic Calendar

Adding your academic calendar to the app allows students to get real-time reminders about important dates and deadlines such as tuition, add/drop period,registration and voting. Make sure no important date gets forgotten this year.


Eliminate the need for bulky and costly agendas by taking your planners mobile. Students can easily add school events, courses, and appointments to their personal schedules with one click to make sure nothing gets forgotten. This includes important class related deadlines such as assignment submission, exam dates and lab sessions.

Campus feed

Create a vibrant community on campus by encouraging on-campus communication inside a private and mobile school network. Build buzz around events and ease the transition of First-Year students by making it easier than ever for students to network with their peers.

Mobile Games and Virtual Tour

Launch your institution's first ever augmented reality treasure hunt. Re-energize the campus atmosphere by getting students to compete for a virtual treasure chest hidden somewhere on campus — a perfect way to launch the app. You can also showcase important campus locations through an interactive virtual tour that shows students the best places to eat, study or hang out.

Study tool suite

Students can benefit from a study tool suite that organizes what, when, and how long they need to study, as well as who they can study with. Based on the Pomodoro and MIT studying methodologies, students can break up their study sessions into shorter blocks to maximize their efficiency and efficacy.

Campus Announcements

Students can be updated directly on their smartphones with situations developing on campus such as natural disasters, road closings or important events.

Making your life easier

By adding your information to OOHLALA you are creating a digital database of all your important campus information, including: maps, campus directory, student events and deals, and even your busy academic calendar.

Analytics & Reports

Keep track of your engagement using key metrics from the app including: event attendance, most popular feature, number of new friends made, and campus feed activity. This allows you to make informed decisions about promotion and resource allocation.

Here's a look at one of our partners:New York City College of Technology Case Study

Your mobile solution for all campus clubs and services

Our dashboard lets you quickly invite and integrate hundreds of student clubs and services on your campus with an easy to use excel file upload. Unify the campus experience by bringing everyone under one platform.

Privacy and security

OOHLALA supports the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the US, PIPEDA in Canada, and the Data Protection Act in the UK and around the world. We value user privacy and student data. We are also safe and secure as we comply with enterprise grade security and encryption (SOC1. SSAE 16.ISAE3402, SSI PCI compliance)

With you every step of the way

We can integrate with pre-existing LMS and CMS software to avoid the reentering of all your information. We also offer free and frequent updates with a deadicated team who is there to support you at all hours of the day.

Support and training

All support and updates are provided free of cost. We offer a dedicated community manager to every campus. Our goal is to work with you to provide the best student experience possible.

No IT or hardware needed

You can launch our platform without needing campus IT support or any new hardware. Immediately after signup students can start using the app, which is already pre-filled with all of your customized information, such as campus maps, courses, and academic events.

Gaming Mechanics

By adding our gaming mechanics to everyday campus life, such as event attendance and study methods, students can increase their chances of staying engaged and doing well in school.

The current challenges with student orientation

Cost of print materials

Printing orientation materials can cost thousands of dollars and create large amounts of unnecessary paper waste.


Carrying around bulky items such as pamphlets and handbooks can be a hassle for students and are often lost or thrown away during orientation.

Loss of momentum

It can be a major challenge to maintain a high level of engagement after orientation is over and students have become preoccupied with the semester workload.

Addressing the challenges through our mobile features

Orientation campus wall

Encourage students to start building their networks before arriving on campus through the orientation campus wall. Students can post questions about housing, purchasing books or finding the best places to eat. As an administrator, you can also post important announcements to the orientation wall to keep students informed.

Virtual tours

Create virtual tours to guide students through their campus and the surrounding area. Point out important historic locations, great places to eat or the best places for a quiet study spot. Tailor each guide to a specific set of students (transfers, international, freshman). New students will instantly feel at home.

To-do list

Give students a convenient list of everything that they need to get done before classes start, including registering for their ID cards, signing up for parking permits or obtaining transit passes. Setting a custom list of to-do's for specific groups of students such as tranfers or international easily highlights important tasks for them to accomplish during an otherwise stressful time.

Campus Directory

Featuring your campus services in an easily accessible and organized format will increase visibility and chances that students will benefit from your events. Services such as campus security, the learning center or career services will now be discoverable and immediately accessible to students from their mobile phones.

Virtual Treasure Hunt Game

Launch the first ever augmented reality game at your institution that will take student engagment to the next level ! Students will have a blast chasing a virtual treasure chest with their classmates around campus.