OOHLALA partners with Studentsaver discount card

Written by: Meghan

How many times has this happened to you?

You’re about to purchase something at a local retailer, and you think, ‘hang on, I’ve got a coupon/discount card for this!’ You delve deep into the crevasses of your wallet – mine looks a bit like George Costanza’s massive pocketbook on Seinfeld – fishing for that elusive piece of paper. Not surprisingly, you come up empty-handed. As luck would have it, you later spot the coupon under a pile of papers on your desk.

Sound familiar?

As students, we are constantly hunting for savings, whether it’s at a favourite pub or a trendy new boutique. Too often, however, discounts are lost because we don’t have that piece of paper on hand to redeem a 10% discount or a 2-for-1 savings.

The OOHLALA team has been working hard to solve this problem by providing users with the ability to redeem discounts right from their mobile devices. Simply alert us to your location and we’ll find the deals nearest to you.

Now we’re taking it one step further by introducing an exclusive partnership with Studentsaver. Recently launched by the Canadian Federation of Students, this new discount card is available exclusively to students, and includes a database of deals across Canada. Looking for some back-to-school apparel in Guelph? Hankering to try that tasty new pub in Halifax? Studentsaver has got you covered. And with OOHLALA, the deals just got even sweeter; now you can simply show the discount on your phone and redeem instantly. Finally, no coupon-clipping or forgotten points cards!

Start using Studentsaver discounts on your smartphones by downloading our app:  www.gotoohlala.com

Until next time, fellow deal hunters.


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