Clubbin’ on campus

Written by: Meghan

Back in my heyday of student politics (which was, shall we say, short-lived) I was in charge of clubs on campus. On the surface, this job might sound rather straightforward. But with enthusiasts of all stripes banding together to form organizations dedicated to everything from tea appreciation to dragon boating to Dungeons and Dragons, there was never a dull moment.

At the beginning of September, many students’ To Do lists include checking out the annual clubs fair on campus. Recently, however, I’ve noticed that more and more students are actually forming their own clubs. Over at Maclean’s magazine’s OnCampus site, writer Sarah Petz has catalogued some of the wackiest student clubs across Canada. My personal favourite has got to be the University of Ottawa’s “Thrill the World” club, which is dedicated to - you guessed it - Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Reckon moonwalking qualifies as their secret handshake?

At this year's campus clubs fair, sign up for more than just crew

So while we’re on the topic, I wanted to let all of the club founders and members out there in on a little secret: OOHLALA is here to help! Not only do we energize the student experience through discounts and social notifications, we also assist clubs in connecting with students. We know how hectic the campus clubs scene can be, and we’re here to make life just a little bit easier. When you use OOHLALA, post an event once, and our app will automatically push the event to your website calendar, mobile devices, Facebook, and Twitter. In other words, just create an event and leave the rest to us! Want to know more? Check out more details on our website.

And to all you MJ fans out there, keep on thrillin’…


Photo cred goes to Flickr/TheLibraryofCongress

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