The countdown begins

Written by: Meghan

Remember how you used to count the numbers of “sleeps” until your birthday? Or the number of days until Santa Claus arrived? Well, something tells me you’re not quite as excited about the imminent return (or initial step) onto campus this September. After the chaos of the first week back – not to mention a few awkward moments walking into the wrong lecture hall – professors will be kicking it into high gear with jam-packed lectures and all-too-soon assignment due dates.

That said, there are a few things to look forward to about back-to-school. Along with Orientation Week for fresh-faced first years, students’ September social calendars will be stacked with welcome back barbecues, club fairs, pub-crawls, and faculty parties. Whew, even the social side of things can be exhausting!

Here at OOHLALA, we’re no slackers when it comes to studying, but we’re all about balancing the books with our social lives. (Because, really, are you going to remember that tough exam, or dancing with your friends until dawn at the Engineering Club Night?) To manage these demands, we’ve developed a platform to help students navigate their life on campus. Much to our excitement, student unions across North America are coming onboard to use the OOHLALA app as a way to communicate with you.

Check out how the University of Toronto Students’ Union included us in their brochure:

Here’s to a few last weeks of summer sunshine!



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