Money, money, money

Written by: Meghan

It’s with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the beginning of autumn today. No more beach trips, sunburns or orange popsicles – at least for another year. Instead, students are starting to be swamped with study sessions, extracurriculars and research papers.

Mo' money, mo' problems?

Added to this already overloaded plate is the stress of student debt. On average, the debt accrued by students upon graduation now hovers close to $20,000, according to a recent article from The Cord, Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy’s student newspaper. As economic turmoil worldwide shows no sign of abating – and youth unemployment is still sitting uncomfortably high – the outlook for the classes of 2011 and beyond is bleak.

What does a smartphone have to do with all of this, you ask? Well, whether it’s a sandwich shop, a local pub or a new retailer, OOHLALA can help you save on those everyday purchases with the help of our Rewards function.  To be sure, a 10% savings here and there won’t erase your money woes, but those extra dollars saved can go to good use paying for beer down student debt.

Happy saving!

Photo courtesy of The Library of Virginia/Flickr

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