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Your voice matters

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You might feel too swamped with midterms and pub nights and job applications to even think about it, but politics is a hot topic this fall - especially for post-secondary students. A whopping six provincial and territorial elections will soon be upon Canadians. Whether you find yourself in Manitoba or the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan or Newfoundland, PEI or Ontario, you’ll be heading to the polls in the coming months.

As a student, you might be thinking ‘so what’? Does the politicking that goes on in provincial legislatures really have an effect on my everyday student life? The short answer is ‘yes.’ With postsecondary education falling under the purview of provincial governments, everything from student loans to campus infrastructure can be affected by what goes on in Toronto or Winnipeg or Charlottetown.

The OOHLALA team is proud to include members of all political stripes, and there’s one thing we can all agree on: voting. Casting your ballot is not simply a drop in the bucket; it’s a real way to voice your opinions, and it can have a tangible effect on what goes on in your province.

So whether you’re a first-time voter or seasoned political veteran, be sure to pencil Election Day into that agenda. Stop by a polling station around or on campus - you can even think of it as a study break! Want to learn more? The folks over at ApathyisBoring.com produce fantastic non-partisan resources on all things political engagement.

Happy voting!







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