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5 Activities To Organize On Campus During Thanksgiving Break!

Thanksgiving is an annual tradition in the United States that has been proclaimed by every president since 1863. Historically, it has been an event to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the year passed. However, as the country was industrialized and family members increasingly lived further from one another, Thanksgiving Day has been an occasion to gather around and enjoy a good family dinner.

Nowadays, college students in the U.S. tend to live in on-campus residences and away from their hometown and families. There will be many plane and bus tickets booked in the next few days as many students will make trips back home for the holiday. What does this mean for life on campus during that time? Well for one, many universities will close their doors to students for a couple of days to allow for the migration. Some universities  have even chosen to completely shut down for the whole week! This is good news for a large number of students. However, many students are either from distant countries or states or don't have the financial means to absorb that kind of expense unfortunately. These college students definitely need to be considered as well since some universities like the New School (NY) and Illinois Institute of Technology have north of 20% of their student body that consisting of international students! What are some things you can organize to make Thanksgiving as enjoyable for them as possible?

Grow the Best Moustache for Movember!

It's that time of the year again! As you walk through campus in the next few weeks, you'll slowly start noticing the extra hair follicules on men's faces. Moustaches will quickly take over campus! The Movember Foundation is responsible for the sprouting of these moustaches! Movember is a month-long event, hosted by the Movember Foundation, that aims "to change the face of men's health" by spreading awareness about men specific diseases, more precisely prostate cancer and men's mental health problems. The foundation does so by encouraging men, also known as Mo' Bros (and Mo' Sistas), to grow facial hair throughout the month and raise funds to their personal Mo' Space profiles. Last year alone, the Movember campaign raised a total of over 125 million dollars with the help of their Mo' Bros (and Mo' Sistas).