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The Impressive Mobile Lives of College Students

The world was completely flipped on its head on a sunny afternoon June 29th, 2007. The introduction of the 1st generation iPhone by Apple sparked a mobile revolution that would change human behavior forever. With the official announcement of the mobile era that day, all of us have been witness to incredible changes in habits and no one has been safe from it - anywhere from 17-month old babies to older crowds. According to multiple reports, there will be 5.6 billions of smartphones in circulation by 2019!

The emergence of smartphones has changed the behavior of 18-24 year-olds the most. This segment is well represented in the American student population. Wondering how much the mobile era has affected the student population? Here's an infographic outlining some pretty impressive stats.

For example:

- 60% of college students use their smartphones to meet with each other.

- 75% of college students use their smartphones at idle times during work or school breaks.

- 81% of college students use their smartphones most often for communicating with fellow students.

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