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7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for College Students

Whether you're in a relationship or not, this day doesn't go by unnoticed. You will buy heart-shaped cookies, people carrying flowers around campus and your Facebook’s homepage full of “perfect” couples. So, no matter if you love it or hate it, you can’t run away from it. Make it a good one by enjoying it with your loved one or with friends. Here are some ideas.

1. Order Pizza and Pick a Movie

It might sound cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. You can never go wrong with pizza and a movie. Plus, it works either if you’re single or not. Just don’t get too cozy if you’re doing this with a friend - to avoid sending them the wrong signal!

2. As if College Students Needed Reasons to Party…

Get advantage of the festivities going on around campus! There are always those traffic light parties in which you pick and wear a color: green if you’re single and ready to mingle, yellow if you’re looking for someone special and red if you’re taken. If they don’t have a traffic light theme, there’s always going to be a party with kissing booths or a cupid going around. You’ll have a blast!

3. Have Fun Outside!

If you feel you’ve already spent too much time at the library studying, you probably feel the need to do something fun outside. Depending on where you live, think about ice-skating or taking a hike and then wrap up the night at a local cafe drinking hot chocolate. Cozy and fun! 

4. Dinner and Board Games

Invite your significant other to your place and prepare a nice meal with some wine. You can then play cards or board games for a fun and relaxed night. You’ll probably end up with new inside jokes and many laughs! Do this with your friends if you don’t have a partner, even if it’s just to criticize couples and brag about being single.

5. Indoors Picnic for the Romantics Out There

Who said you can’t do picnics during winter? Grab some takeout, get comfortable and spend the day eating and talking with your loved one. Light a few candles and put a tablecloth on the floor. If you live in a warm place, take advantage and picnic at a park. But let’s be honest, this one might not be too romantic to do with friends!

6. Do a Scavenger Hunt Around Campus

Hide chocolates, photographs of the two of you or any other small gift you can think of. Then give hints to your partner and at the end give him/her a final present. I’m sure this will be a fun (and different!) way to spend your day.

7. Host a Cocktail Party!

Invite your friends (single or taken) and make fun drinks at home. You can try some cocktails and have some cheese and crackers. Try playing with the decoration too! Get some red and pink balloons, plastic plates and flowers.  It could be a fun way to spend your night.

Now you’re ready for a great Valentine’s experience! Go be romantic and have some fun! 

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