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Calling all Manitobans

22,000 is a big number. A huge number, in fact. If you had 22,000 hot dogs, you could eat one per day for the next 60 years. That’s a lot of street meat! On the other hand, I suppose it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to something like, say, the United States’ national debt.

But 22,000 students? That’s quite a chunk of North America’s student population, and that’s why we’re over the moon to announce our partnership with the University of Manitoba Students’ Union. As the largest students’ association in Manitoba, UMSU represents more than 22,000 undergrads. We’re thrilled to now offer these students all of the perks of the OOHLALA mobile app, including exclusive rewards for things like nightlife and travel, not to mention a unique chat service just for students.

So get ready, Manitoba, OOHLALA is coming to a smartphone near you!

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