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Quebec: not quite so 'belle' for students?

Thousands of students in Quebec took to the streets on Thursday to protest tuition fee hikes. Union members and social activists joined students for the massive demonstration in response to the provincial government's plan to raise fees by more than $1600 over the next five years.

Earlier this week, over 200,000 Quebec students voted in favour of boycotting classes at universities and CEGEP schools across Montreal. By Thursday afternoon, tens of thousands marched towards Premier Jean Charest's downtown Montreal offices.

Although the hike is a significant increase for Quebec students, fees have remained largely static in the province for the past 40 years. Premier Charest is also attempting to placate protesters with the reassurance that Quebec's fees will remain the lowest in Canada.

Both students and the government find themselves at a difficult crossroads between ensuring access to post secondary education and maintaining its sustainability.

If nothing else, thousands of Quebec students are taking a stand - and taking to the streets - for something they believe in. That passion, especially coming from today's youth - who are so often criticised for being entitled, apathetic couch potatoes - is laudable.

What do you think: are Quebec students fighting for a worthy cause, or are they simply ignoring unavoidable economic realities?

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  1. Stay with this guys, you're helping a lot of peploe.