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The Anatomy of an All Nighter

Now that exam season is rearing its ugly head you'll notice Starbucks employees looking pretty happy. Why? Their stock options are being improved by the massive spike in all nighters - all nighters that pervade libraries, cafes and living rooms all across the country; a caffeine fuelled contagion.

While a lot of work can be accomplished during all nighters, they are best employed in moderation. The infographic below demonstrates what happens to your body and mind and how you can achieve better results.

Best of luck with the studying but do be effective if you're planning on burning the midnight oil. "Effective" does not mean the following routine:

1. Put together a cool playlist to pump you up. After all, this is getting done. Tonight. And the right soundtrack is in order for this epic academic endeavour.

2. Go out and get snacks and supplies. You are a human (aren't you?) and hence will get hungry. Chips, cookies, brownies. That should do. "Sugar rush"? Please.

3. Come back and realize you've got the food and the tunes. The workspace needs to be similarly kickass. So you clean the desk so that you have an effective place to work

4. Desk is clean. You're on a roll. Let's do some laundry now.

5. Call friend to discuss how pumped you are about finishing all the readings. In one night.

[caption id="attachment_757" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="We've all been there."][/caption]

6. Actually begin reading.

7. 20 minutes in, you decide to check Youtube for some interviews to back up your notes about the latest UN resolution. Wait, is that a cat riding a bicycle...

8. 2 hours later, every cat video online has been exhausted.

9. It's 7:30am?? Ok,  you take a 20 minute nap and decide to finish the readings in the morning.

10. Alarm rings. Snooze. 10 more mins. 2pm?!?!?

Don't let this happen to you again. Check this infographic and be a bit more effective ;) Really.





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