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CAMPUS ORGANIZATION OF THE WEEK: Bobcat Build at Texas StateUniversity, San Marcos

This week the Campus Organization of the Week Award goes to….Bobcat Build at Texas State University, San Marcos!

We chose them as our winner this week because of their commitment to the San Marcos community and their proven ability to instill these values in their fellow students. Often as students you forget about the community that lives around you, that was there before you moved in and will be there long after you move away. Students might take advantage of the fact that they are living away from home for the first time and might not show the same respect to their host community as they would to the one they grew up in. Many universities and colleges struggle with trying to create a solution to this that benefits both sides.

Texas State University located in San Marcos has come up with an amazing solution that has grown in popularity year after year. They created Bobcat Build. This is a day each year when students, staff and faculty from TSU come together to give back to the community. Patrick Rose, a Texas State Representative said "It is the single most, direct expression of the university's commitment to the community". The main purpose of this day is to thank the community for hosting the students. They started with about 100 volunteers and in the seven years it has existed it’s grown to over 3000 volunteers and almost 200 job sites. It is the second largest service day in the state of Texas!

We want to commend the Bobcat Build planning committee and Texas State University for finding a way to really help build a relationship between the students and the local community.

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