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September - Prepare For The Rest Of Your Semester

SEPTEMBER - the month that shouts in all possible ways: “you’re definitely back to school”. Orientations are over, mom is no longer around to wash your clothes and summer is 'officially' gone. But let’s not freak out just yet. There are many exciting things about being back, especially if you’re a freshman. You’re getting an opportunity for a fresh new start! You’ll discover many new things - and I don’t mean formulas or essays- but new people, clubs, restaurants, and many other things.

Here’s a list that can help you get off on the right foot and have a great September.

1. Make New Friends

 Whether this is your first year at school or not, you’ll have new classes, new teachers and, new people to meet. No one likes sitting alone in a classroom or during lunch. Try to get to know people by introducing yourself. Approach students sitting alone or newly forming groups. You can also use the student life app, OOHLALA, to know who's around you and might want to grab lunch. Bring up conversations about the dorms you’re in, share opinion about your courses or where you come from. You’ll always have something in common, even if it’s just how horrible the midterm was. 

2. Talk to your Teaching Assistants

Being in large 200-student classes can make it a bit hard for teachers to know you personally. TAs are usually the ones who will mark your work and since most of them are young, you’ll find them more helpful than the actual instructor. Go to their office hours and ask them about anything - the actual course or even just to say 'Hi'. Make sure you let him/her know how excited you are to be in their class!

3. Get your Textbooks

So it’s the buying-the-books-month. Not the best timing right? You just finished summer and your piggy bank is empty. Try looking for used books; you’ll be surprised by how many of them are actually in good state for half the price of a new one. If you can’t find any at the book store, try contacting people of previous years that might want to sell theirs. There are many different options when it comes to buying books, weigh them out and try making smarter decisions!

4. Join Clubs and Organizations!

Joining any club is a great way to open many doors. You never know, you could end up being a leading member! Being in those positions will not only benefit you socially but also professionally - not to mention that you are very likely to enjoy your time. You can find a list of student groups on your school's website or on the 'Groups & Clubs' section of your student app! 

5. Get Organized

Even if it sounds depressing, do it! September is the perfect time to establish good habits to enjoy a great start to your new school year. Plan your studying hours, buy your groceries and reserve some time for physical activities. But please, leave time for parties because it’s a new school year!

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