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Precious Advice to New College Students

College is a brand new you. It’s a clean slate; A place where all things are possible. You get the chance to create the you; that you want to be, and the you; that you want to be seen as. Create the person you want to be. You will not be taking any of the old baggage with you. It’s up to you to create how you will be perceived in this new environment. You don’t have to be the class clown, you don’t have to be anything that you were thought of as before. You don’t have to be the ‘B’ student, the ‘C’ student; you can be the honor student. Take advantage of the labs, take advantage of the tutoring. You will be amazed at how many professors will only be too happy to take the time to explain an idea, an event, or procedure to a student who shows a genuine interest in the professors’ area of expertise.

Since you are now an adult, it’s time for you to take responsibility. You chose to pursue a degree, now it is time for you to take the time and effort required to see it through. Where in high school you had so many chances to goof off and still graduate, college is not so forgiving. In college you have to prove yourself to be a serious student and not a waste of time. Contribute to your classes, ask questions and show a genuine interest. In high school you were taught that if you do A, then B is the result. College is your chance to find out why. Don’t be afraid to question preconceived notions.

Last year back in high school, your goal was to graduate, follow a dream. Now this year in college you’re standing at the first steps to the realization of that dream. Now is the beginning of your evolution to your future self. In high school you had your dream for the future, now welcome to reality. Reality can be pretty cool if you let it. Last year you followed the herd, this year you’re on your own individual path. The classmates you meet in your class, may be going in seven different directions. The friends you make in college, could later on be very valuable contacts in the outside world. The impression you leave of yourself in college on your peers may well be a lasting one; and in some cases have an effect on your future, which may come back to either haunt you or help you in future dealings. Now is the time for you to choose how you want to be remembered.

To paraphrase Drew Carey from Whose Line Is It Anyway:

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