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8 Halloween Costumes To Expect on Campus

It's Halloween! No matter how old you are, you always want in. While you might no longer want Halloween to be about the trick-or-treating, you'll still want to wear costumes and attend parties! Warning: if you’re a freshman, get ready! Halloween in college is no longer a one-night thing, it's more of an entire week long of events.

Here’s a list of the types of costume to expect at Halloween events!

1. Group Costumes

There's no denying it, planning and wearing group costumes are a LOT of fun. You can expect to have a lot of fun playing dress up, taking pictures and impressing your friends. If you plan on doing this, keep in mind that getting everyone to coordinate with the same idea can be a hassle - but well worth the time!

2. Grocery Store Costumes

There’s always that student who's less excited about Halloween or who simply doesn't want to spend too much time looking for costumes. Are you that person? If you are, you might end up looking like the most boring person at the party. Who cares? We're all here to have fun!

3. The Sexy Costumes

Or should I call it the 'never fails' costume? No matter where you celebrate Halloween, you will find that student who'll want to show off body parts they worked so hard on sculpting. If this is what you’re planning, make sure to expect both positive and negative comments. It' important that you're comfortable!

4. 'I Love My Wardrobe' Costumes

There’s always that student who’s too lazy to think about a costume and shows up to the school's costume party wearing their own clothes. Here's an example: wear your favourite plaid shirt, round glasses and call yourself a 'nerd'.

5. Workhorse Costumes

You know those over-the-top creative costumes? Some students take DIY very seriously and show up as the Transformers or the Avengers at college parties. Those costumes are definitely the funniest! Question is: do you really want to spend that much time on them?

6. The 'Ummm' Costumes

There’s always that student that’s super excited about their costume. Problem is...they're usually the only one at the party who knows what they're dressed as. Please be clear to avoid having to explain your costume to every single soul.

7. The Contest Winner Costumes

Those are usually the best costumes - creative, minimal and cost-effective! I’m no expert in that area, but I happen to be the girl on the picture above. Last year, I downloaded OOHLALA - my school's app, posted this picture on the campus feed and won a trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico. Proof that last minute costume ideas aren't lost causes!

8. And... Animal Costumes

Regardless of what you decide to wear for Halloween this year, make sure you're in position to have fun and to fully enjoy it! Share your plans below!


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