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Hello, Moto…err…Droid

And so, the smartphone wars continue. The tech world - not to mention the stock market - was abuzz today as Google acquired Motorola’s phone-making arm, Motorola Mobility. With a $12.5 billion price tag, the deal was no small feat, even for an Internet giant such as Google. With this move, the California-based company will now be able to build hardware that can be customized more seamlessly with its Android OS software.

What does this mean for the future of the smartphone? And how will this deal play out in the Android v. iPhone struggle? Over at FastCompany.com, writer Kit Eaton has taken an in-depth look at the deal, and comes to some interesting conclusions. Check out his post from earlier today.

Here at OOHLALA, we’re eager to see how this deal unfolds in the growing smartphone market. But with our app operating on all three major smartphone platforms - BlackBerry users, we haven’t forgotten about you! - there’s no OOHLALA dog in this fight. We’re just pumped to see smartphones get, well, even smarter.



Image courtesy of android.com

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