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Score one more for Mr. Jobs

For all you iPhone fans out there (and I admit, I’m one of the converted), there’s a sliver of good news in this financial free fall: Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world.

The California-based gadget giant made headlines this past Tuesday as it surpassed Exxon Mobil in terms of market capitalization. That’s not to say Apple didn’t take a hit when stock markets began to go haywire; its shares were down 1.42% on Wednesday. All other shares, however, had sunk even further. When playing the market, I suppose the old adage holds: everything’s relative.

Over at Forbes.com, tech writer Brian Caulfield admitted yesterday that “at the start of the last recession, I suspected Apple wouldn’t do well in a bad economy. The opposite was true.” Like many, Caulfield recognizes that there’s something to be said for a good-looking computer.

And if it’s even possible, Steve Jobs now has even more admirers, this time from the trading floor.

Don’t buy all the Apple hype? I don’t blame you, and there are several other eye-catching new offerings in the Smartphone department for back to school. (Yep, it’s August, and soon you won’t be able to escape the phrase, “back to school”). Check out the top five devices Globe and Mail tech expert Chad Sapieha is recommending for the Smartphone savvy student here.

Luckily, our app will run on all of these, not to mention most Smartphones. I sheepishly admit that my former phone was so ancient it couldn’t support the OOHLALA app, but I was undoubtedly a rare case.

Until the next embarrassing tech confession, so long!


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