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Are you satisfied?

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The University of Western Ontario has come out on top in the most recent student satisfaction survey. With a student body of more than 23,000 undergrads, Western is probably known best for its work hard, play hard attitude. And it turns out that that’s exactly what merits top marks from its own students.

Western also ranked first in terms of quality of teaching and work-play balance in the annual survey conducted by Maclean’s magazine. Montreal’s McGill scored highest in the “City Satisfaction” category, and Carleton nabbed the top spot for student-faculty interaction.

To be sure, these schools are all part of the large designation - or what Maclean’s calls “Medical Doctoral” - and primarily undergraduate schools like New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University came first for student satisfaction in their own right.

Although it has faced controversy in the past, Maclean’s annual University Rankings underline the importance students place on their entire postsecondary experience - not just those pesky GPA rankings.

Plus, they’re great ammo when you need to razz a friend at a rival school…




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