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How do you give?

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There’s been a lot of talk about giving these days.

In this past weekend’s Globe and Mail, writer John Allemang shone the spotlight on 12 individuals who are transforming the nature of philanthropy in Canada.

Political junkies out there might have noticed talk this week on Parliament Hill about reforming the way government supports charities. And, of course, for all you gents - and maybe even some crafty ladies - it’s time to bring back the ‘stache for Movember (or as I like to call it, the “Month to Rival Tom Selek for Greatest Moustache Ever”).  In 2010 alone, Canadians raised over $22 million in support of ‘mo-sporting men and prostate cancer awareness.

But giving back to the community, at least in monetary ways, can be difficult for students. Often it’s a strain simply to juggle living expenses with tuition fees, pricey textbooks and an attempt at a social life.

Luckily, ways to engage with charities can sometimes be found right in the palm of your hand. The development of mobile apps for charities has is quickly proliferating with such popular apps as the “Wage Calculator” from One Day’s Wages, and the Salvation Army’s “Bellringer.”

And if you like to keep it old school and roll up your sleeves for some charity work, food bank season is in full swing.

Giving back….what do you think?

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