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Burn, baby, burn

With Halloween gone for another year, you might have packed your masks (since we all have a collection of masks, right?) away for another year. But across the pond, there's still another more excuse to don one: Guy Fawkes Day.

Just in case you never saw V for Vendetta - and if you haven't, I suggest you do, if only to see Natalie Portman with a shaved head - Guy Fawkes was an English Catholic who took a crack at blowing up the Parliament buildings in London way back in 1605 and was subsequently beheaded in 1606. Ever since, Britons have been lighting bonfires - like these kids above - on November 5 in celebration of the escape of King James I from the assassination attempt.

Four hundred years later, Guy Fawkes has become a symbol of sorts for all things rebellion; the current Occupy protests are a case in point. But history lessons aside, we really just love a good ol' bonfire, and wanted to wish you all a very happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Photo courtesy of The National Library of Wales/Flickr

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