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"8 Words To Lead By" For Student Leaders

As leaders of your student body, it is in your hands to represent and honor the many thousands fellow students of your campus.  In order to achieve this successfully, you will need to exuberate student leadership qualities. This video entitled Words To Lead By by Sondra Thiederman Ph.D gives you a swift idea on some of the concepts that you will have to understand to fully grasp what leadership, or student leadership, really means.

On our end, we have compiled a list of eight tips to follow to become a remarkable college student leader:

1- Communicate Your Vision Effectively: Know the student body of your campus and communicate your ideas concisely.

2-  Keep It Simple Stupid: Keep each team member's tasks simple and set priorities.

3- Have An Open Mind: Inspire, encourage and foster your staff members' creativity.

4- Lead By Example: Work hard and your student exec team will work even harder.

5- Team Up: Two heads are better than one! Delegate and collaborate.

6- Keep People Involved: Stimulate your fellow student executives' activity level by creating opportunities for them to shine!

7- Sharing Is Caring: Be open and stay available. Give your exec team a list of every student members' phone numbers and office availabilities.

8- Create An Effervescent And Gleeful Environment: Decorate your office and keep the atmosphere fun!

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