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Happy July Fourth!

Most students spend their summers away from campus trying their hardest to not even think about school until that day in August when they finally need to head back. But the members of our student governments don't get that luxury. While we're enjoying the sun and relaxing we often forget that they're spending these months planning our return to campus, setting up the yearly budget, planning out all events and registering your campus for OOHLALA.

On this National holiday we'd like to thank them for all the hard work they do and hopefully they'll take the day off and celebrate with a BBQ, fireworks and some fun July 4th facts.

  • The number of Americans who will spend the holiday at other people’s homes is approximately 41 million.

  • The amount of chicken purchased the week before the holiday is 700 million pounds.

  • The percentage of American homes with an outdoor grill is 87 percent.

  • The stars on the original American flag were arranged in a circle to ensure that all colonies were equal.

  • More than 74 million Americans will BBQ today.

  • Three notable Presidents died on July 4th, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Moore.

  • Americans spend approximately $11 million combined on popsicles and charcoal for the 4th of July.

  • The American Pyrotechnics society estimates that more than 14,000 professionally done fireworks displays will light up our skies tonight.

  • Caesar salad was invented on July 4th.

  • The Fourth of July was not declared a national holiday until 1941.

  • Over an estimated 150 million hot dogs will be consumed today. That’s roughly one dog for every two people in the US!

  • Finally, the largest July 4th fireworks display happens in NYC yearly and is hosted by Macy's, check out a clip from the 2008 show here: Macy's July 4th Fireworks NYC, NY


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