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Interview Questions To Form Your Exec Dream Team

The group of students that was newly elected to represent the college students on campus this year has now been democratically formed. However, student governments also have to hire staff to fill all of the other positions on the student executive team. For example, you might be looking for staff to design posters and flyers for events or to provide maintenance to the student government's archaic website. In either case, you will embark on a hiring process to find the right people on campus to fill these voids. It is no small task! You might have to conduct job interviews to separate good candidates from stinky ones. You are not sure how to do so? Let us help you with some questions that you should ask yourself before you start:

1- What are we looking for?

Spend some time with the whole student executive team to discuss the positions that are available and that need to be filled. Examine every facet of the position. Determine the skills, the candidate personality, the time dedication and the motivation needed to be successful at the job. Spend some time with former executives to pin down the exact factors that will determine if a candidate is hired or put to the side.

2- What do we want to know about the candidate?

You know what you are looking for. Now, it is your responsibility to make the candidate show the qualities and the weaknesses that will confirm or deny the criteria. Ask the right questions! There are many different ways to approach the creation of questions for an interview. Try these types: fact-based questions, situational questions, stress questions, behavorial questions.

3- What will be the structure of our interviews?

Experts argue on the structure an interview should have. There is no right or wrong answer to this one.

Introduction: Start with small talk and an explanation of the interview process.

Question Period: See Step 2 for this period of the interview.

Test: Ask for the candidate to show past work and/or provide a test problem to solve.

Wrap It Up: Answer candidate questions and explain the follow-up to this interview

4- What is our rating method?

Determine a certain number of criteria that are essential to the job and that will determine if the candidate is a go or a no-go. Mark each candidate based on each of the selected criterium.


- Don't babble too much!

- Bring a notebook and take notes.

- Take your time!

- Do your homework and prepare for each interview.

- Be nice!

Do not underestimate the hiring task as a mis-hire can be a pain to deal with. Use these tips to secure qualified and enjoyable student executives to fill your staff positions.

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