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How To Deal With Digital Multitasking As A Student Executive

As student executives, information will come from everywhere at the beginning of the governing term. You will be introduced to your student advisors and the rest of the elected student executive team; you will be bombarded with information from the outgoing student government class about the successful and the mediocre events, about the budget, about the corporate relationships and about the unfinished endeavours; you will have to plan for New Student Orientation, for Welcome Week and the rest of the year; you will have to recruit more student staff to fill in the opening spots on the executive staff team, all the while preparing for your own personal school years with course schedules and student loans. Now, that's we call multitasking! But don't worry, you are definitely up for the task!

In this age of digital revolution, all of this information will mostly come to you through your multiple mobile devices and your computers. You will often find yourself answering to an email while creating a Facebook event and checking your Twitter News Feed while creating your school year budget on spreadsheets and registering for your classes. Some ways to manage all of this efficiently is 1) to prioritize, 2) to complete similar tasks together, 3) schedule breaks in your schedule. This infographic designed by Online Universities will give you more insight about the phenomenon of digital multitasking and how to deal with it.


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