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CAMPUS ORGANIZATION OF THE WEEK: Undergraduate Student Government at Ohio State University

This week the Campus Organization of the Week Award goes to…Undergraduate Student Government at Ohio State University!

We chose them as our winners this week because of their awesome initiative, the Buckeye Road Trip, that they started last fall. The goal of this initiative is to provide students with a free bus services to various popular in-state destinations. It proved to be extremely popular and even had a complete waitlist during their two previous trips on Veteran’s Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend. For their third road trip they’re expanding to more than just a weekend and dropping students off at select locations for the full Spring Break week.

Spring break can be very expensive, and often out of reach for the average student. As mentioned in our latest post about College Spring Break, the average amount a student will spend on spring break is $1100. This is a huge expense for a full-time student!! The USG at Ohio State came up with an awesome solution. They’ll bus students, for free, round-trip, to different popular cities within Ohio. The cities on this road trips docket are Cleveland (2 drop-off locations), Cincinnati and Toledo. Whether students are just trying to get home to see their families or plan on visiting one of those destinations on the cheap, the Buckeye Road Trip is the way to go!

We want to give them a shout out for coming up with a great way to help students get off campus for their Spring Break and hope that they continue to provide this service!

If you’re interested in nominating a campus organization at your college: contact us on our Facebook page, tweet us @OOHLALAMobile using the hashtag #COOTW or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

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